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Before we meet…

If you’re undecided as to whether you’d like to book an appointment, or have some questions about herbal medicine, or if you have already make your mind up and would like to arrange a time to see me, you’re very welcome to contact me via text, phone or email, and I’ll look forward to speaking with you. We can also arrange a chat via Skype if this would suit you better. These chats are completely free.

It’s really good to have a quick chat, before we meet, as it gives you the chance to decide if herbal medicine is right for you, and for you to ask any questions you might have. It also gives me the opportunity to find out a little about what you’re looking for help with before we meet, so I can advise you how I can help, as well as finding a convenient time for you to visit.

You’re also welcome to read reviews and feedback about what people think of my method of treatment and consulting style here.

Your first appointment…

“I’ve never met such a good listener. Seriously!…”

Your first appointment helps to form the basis for your herbal treatment, and usually lasts between 1.5 to 2 hours.

On arrival, you’ll be given a warm welcome to my consulting room and offered a cup of your choice of beautiful tasting organic herbal tea (or simply water, if you prefer). We then settle into having a in-depth and relaxed chat about your current health needs and how you’re feeling at the moment, and work through your whole health history, from childhood, up to present day. In addition we’ll discuss your family health history and any medication you may be taking (as I’ll need to take these into account when making your herbal medicine prescription). We’ll also look at your eating habits (sometimes it’s good to make simple dietary changes to help improve your health) and your constitution (adding to the picture of who you are). You can find out more about your first appointment here.


Follow-up appointments: Continuing your progress…

“I feel like I’m making progress. You listen and respond to how I feel and react to the medicine… I think the talking part is just as important as the medicine…”

To make sure that you’re getting on well with your herbs, and that everything is moving in the right direction, and continues to do so, follow-up appointments are a really important part of the process. They usually take place ever 3-4 weeks and last between 30 to 60 minutes. It’s a great opportunity for us to discuss how you’ve been since the last time we met, including how your health or symptoms may have changed, how you found taking your herbal medicine, and any changes you’ve made to your life or lifestyle. Find out more about follow-up appointments with me, here.


Your bespoke, handmade herbal medicine prescription and the herbs I use…

“Palatable and effective…”

Over my years in practice, I have become very particular about the quality and types of herbal medicine that I prescribe. I use the best quality herbs, sourced from the UK, most of which are organic and many also biodynamic.

My herbal tinctures are also mainly made from fresh plant material, which I feel improves their taste and effect.Herbal tinctures (an alcohol-water extract of a herb) form the main basis of my prescriptions, as they are easy to take, and are very effective.

I also blend bespoke organic herbal tea blends as an alternative, or adjunct to tinctures. They are also well-suited to children and those that cannot take an alcohol-based extract due to health, religious or personal reasons.

For skin, muscle and joint conditions, creams and hand-made ointments / salves may also be provided for you. I also make my own herbal capsules, as well as other types of herbal preparations that may be appropriate for different health issues. Find out more about my herbal medicine prescriptions here.


My consulting room

“I love it; I like the informality of the coffee table…”

As the years have progressed, I have gradually morphed my clinic space into the beautiful room that it is now. It is a safe, private, calm and comfortable room to be in, and naturally, the confidentiality of what we discuss whilst we are in there is paramount. Unlike a traditional “clinic” setting, it is perhaps more part-old-style-apothecary and part-informal. Find out more about my consulting room here and see for yourself how it looks.


Can herbal medicine help me…?

As the herbal medicine that I prescribe seeks to address your health “as a whole” (holistically), rather than solely focusing on the symptoms you’re experiencing, it is suitable for most conditions that would be addressed by a GP, and all ages. You can find out more about how it helps, here.