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Consulting Room

As the years have progressed, I have gradually morphed my herbal medicine consulting space in Lincoln city centre into the beautiful room that it is now. It is a safe, private, calm and comfortable room to be in, and naturally, the confidentiality of what we discuss whilst we are in there is paramount.

Consulting room - The District Herbalist

Comfy seating

Unlike a traditional “clinic” setting, it is perhaps more part-old-style-apothecary; part-informal. With warm, calming, earthy colours, natural materials and furnishings it reflects the nature of how I practice and the herbs that I use. I also have incredibly comfy chairs for us to sit upon, that are easy to get in and out of – and after all, as we do a fair amount of talking, this is quite an important feature!

Organic herbal dispensary - The District Herbalist

My organic herbal dispensary

The room also comprises my herbal medicine dispensary, so rather than having to wait in a waiting room for your herbal prescription to be made up, you usually can see the whole process from start to finish (time-depending, and depending on the type of medicine), which for many, is fascinating and unique opportunity. I think it’s really important for people to understand what’s going into their medicine, and I sometimes offer people the chance to try small amounts of individual herbal tinctures, if it’s appropriate, to help with this.

In keeping with my personal values, I furnished it mainly from recycled furniture and items sourced from local charity outlets, therefore making less impact on the environment, whilst also supporting important local and national charities. I also decorated and individualised it myself, to keep that personal touch and to make sure it was exactly what I would expect if I visited a herbalist.

Calendula ointments cooling - The District Herbalist

Calendula ointments, cooling

I also use the room for many of my smaller workshops, where those interested in learning more about herbal medicine and making natural home remedies can get hands-on experience creating different preparations, under the guidance of myself, as a fully trained medical herbalist.