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Reviews about my treatment

Some of those that have visited me for herbal medicine treatment, have been kind enough to leave me some feedback and reviews. This is what they have to say about coming to me for treatment and how they feel…

Sharon, Washingborough:

“I started seeing Hannah in June 2013 and started herbal treatment for a year. It felt like a very positive step for me to take control of my health. Hannah combines a mix of clinical and medical knowledge with traditional herbal treatment. It was the perfect balance for me and made sense to healing myself. She always listens and asks pertinent questions to get to the bottom of issues. She is generous with her time and never made me feel like I only had 60 minutes and then I would be shown the door! I would recommend Hannah to anyone who has an interest in understanding how our bodies work and what can go wrong and where herbs can play a  vital supportive part.”

Calendula - The District Herbalist

Maggie, Lincoln:

“The first meeting was incredibly valuable, for me it gave me confidence that I was quite self-aware and I felt supported in that. I enjoy the relaxed approach to time and know that if I was in a hurry, I could just say, but have enjoyed the tranquility of talking and being listened to and then the time of contemplation and intent. 

Tasting was the highlight, and the tincture I have now, which came from a very positive place and was chosen through tasting and smelling feels the most powerful. The fact that you choose bio-organic sources for your herbs adds to their power for me, the teas are great too and I have enjoyed experimenting at home after talking to you.”

Calendula - The District Herbalist

Julia, Collingham:

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, my world was suddenly thrown into a chaos where everything I’d taken for granted before no longer made sense, and in a whirlwind of a few weeks, I discovered that the next 10 months of my life would be under siege from hospital appointments, body-shattering treatments and a lot of big questions. 

It was in these early weeks of my diagnosis that I spoke to Hannah, who, from our initial conversation was incredibly generous with her time and wisdom…” Continue reading about Julia’s journey here.

Calendula - The District Herbalist

Jill, Lincoln:

“I have been seeing Hannah, the medical herbalist, for a number of health issues for a few years now. Throughout my time of knowing Hannah, I have found her to be extremely dedicated and committed to providing a unique service, which is tailor-made to individual needs. In particular, I feel that Hannah has a professional, holistic approach, which takes into account he depth and complexity of the individual problem, considering other significant factors such as diet, lifestyle and personality/ life history, rather than just focusing on the presenting symptoms…Read more about Jill’s journey here.

Calendula - The District Herbalist

Helen, Spilsby:

“[The consultations are]… always thorough and unhurried. Revisiting the last consultation and reflecting on progress leads well into required changes. I feel very much respected as an individual and an equal partner in the decision-making process. [The medicines are]… palatable and effective.”

Calendula - The District Herbalist

Chris, Canwick:

“Extremely effective. Comprehensive without being over-lengthy. Style positive and friendly. Results-driven and focus is never forgotten or side-stepped. A1!”

Calendula - The District Herbalist

Kat, Eagle:

“Hannah Sylvester is one of the best Medical Herbalists I’ve ever worked with. I’ve been a client of Hannah’s since July 2014 and she has: listened, advised, supported, coached, entertained me humorously and prescribed me the freshest medical herbs that I’ve ever used. Hannah should be the choice of the therapist too. She is helping me along my path with setting up as a Massage Therapist, and I am forever grateful for this energy. Hannah is one of life’s genuine Universal Helpers. If you are looking for a Medical Herbalist, then look no further, because you’ve just found her!”

Calendula - The District Herbalist

Richard, Lincoln:

“From the first appointment with Hannah I was straight the way put at ease. Hannah has a warming, relaxed and open approach that makes you feel comfortable in consultations. Appointments were never rushed with plenty of time allocated.
Within just a few days of taking the treatment given my symptoms has greatly improved. My energy levels improved, my stress levels reduced and I generally felt that was able to cope better with the stress that I was dealing with and the anxiety that this was causing.  
I have energy to do things when I get home from work and I have also started going back to the gym as I am not so tired.”
Calendula - The District Herbalist
(I have sought the prior permission of all those that have kindly shared their thoughts, prior to publishing them on this page. I am most grateful for their feedback).